Three Word Challenge

Here goes nothing! In order to help me get proper serious about writing I’ve set myself a little writing challenge (with your help). Apparently, to be a writer you actually have to go ahead and write stuff and not just any stuff, good stuff, stuff that people want to stick around and read.

So that’s where you guys come in, my little guinea pigs and muses. I invite you to comment below and submit any three random words (but not expletives) and I’ll give you a short story incorporating them. You can even pick a genre if you like!

I’ll publish a new one hopefully every week or there about. Head over to the Shorts page to check out previous stories. Sign up via email and you’ll get my latest attempt hot off the keyboard.

Now, I’m not saying they’ll be good stories but if the only cost to you is ten minutes of your time then you can’t really complain now can you? You never know, you might be marginally entertained…or you can just go back to watching animals do stupid stuff on You Tube.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Magda O – Rock, paper, scissors – Horror genre requested – COMING SOON

GoofyEd – Sanity, brevity, tranquility – humourous narrative

Shelli – Rosebud, sweater, eggcup

Why not submit your own three words? It’s really easy…