I called this page Chick-O-Lit because in my head Chick-Lit sounds a little like chocolate if you say it fast enough. Just as you get that warm fuzzy feeling drinking hot chocolate on a cold winters day, here you’ll find short stories that I hope will give you a warm fuzzy feeling for far fewer calories!

Enjoy, share and if you’re so inclinatined please feel free to comment. Any feedback and constructive criticism welcome.

The Gift

A picture of a drawn elephant

Does Margaret reunite with her sister before their mother’s funeral? Is here little peace offering enough or does Margaret get a gift of her own….


The worse attempt to write a romantic short story you’ve ever read!

The worse attempt at a romantic short story you’ve ever read…if you can be bothered to read it, I wouldn’t and I wrote the thing!

A Rural Revalation

A picture of a famer sitting under a tree with an ipad

Martha loved her husband dearly. She put a great deal of thought into his birthday present but it came with a price.