Welcome to my little chunk of cyber space, I am The Reluctant Writer. If you like a short story or two then you’re in the right place. In my bid to get better at writing I’m offering you the chance to challenge me to write a short story, check out the idea here.

I’m currently penning my first novel but I am reluctant to carry on because it’s getting big and scary and overwhelming, and a thousand monkeys could write with more clarity. In my effort to be an award wining procrastinator I’ve created this website and blog instead!

I’ll probably blog about my lack of progress or some other writing related debarcle, oh and I’ll share my short story creations too – so I can pretend to be a proper writer.

If you’ve got some time on your hands head over to my Shorts pages and check out a few of my previous attempts at arranging words on a page, or take a gander at any of my other bloggy shizzle here.

In real life, people don’t call me ‘The’ or ‘Reluctant’, my actual name is Angela Archer. Definitley no relation to the famous Jeffery, although my cousin’s name is Geoff, but so far neither of them have proved useful for giving me writing tips.

My first big project is a future earth science fiction novel, here’s the blurb:

Cyber Cell 

Do you want to live forever? You’ll have to die first! In a race to herald in a new era of technology, Novanoid Corp. wanted to be at the forefront. Cybernating had not even begun to peak in its popularity as a new way of life, living in stasis, hooked up to a computer 24/7, offering a new digital life far beyond the reach of real life.

After 16 kids died, Novanoid needed a fall guy. Clayton Mace was framed and sentenced to death. Incarcerated in a Cyber Cell, he attempts to clear his name but ends up the situation gets far worse. His only hope comes in the form of Detective Marcus Brogan, a 5th division PeaceKeeper, who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Like any popular tourist destination, I hope you’ll visit me every now and again, leave some footprints in the digital sands of time and maybe even comment on how nice a time you had.

Otherwise, keep up to date with my endeavours by signing up via email, following me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Oh, and you can contact me if you fancy an intellectual exchange of words.*

(* quality may vary subject to alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation)